Optimal rest for the body

Your body needs support to be able to give in and sink into a deeper and better sleep.

The Deep Sleep body pillow has many functions. Depending on your sleeping position, you can place the pillow and get just the right support for your body.

Once you have experienced how much it means to your sleep that your whole body gets the right, gentle support during the night, you will not be able to do without your Deep Sleep body pillow.

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As a travel pillow

Use the Deep Sleep body pillow as a travel pillow in the car, train or plane. Experience the optimal support for the neck and head, even in a seated resting position.

Your body's needs

Our sleeping positions and needs are different. Place your Deep Sleep Body Pillow intuitively where your body needs support.

Under your arm

Place the pillow under your arm for optimal support. This way you avoid twisting your shoulders while you sleep.

Sitting resting position

Place the Deep Sleep body pillow behind the head and neck. Experience optimal support, even in a seated resting position.

Between the knees

With the Deep Sleep Body Pillow between your knees, you achieve deep relaxation around your hips. You support the hip joints and maintain a neutral position around the spine.

Mother and baby

Use the Deep Sleep Body Pillow to support yourself and your baby. The pillow can be used in many ways during all the wonderful moments between mother and baby.