Wake up with less tension in your neck and shoulders

With the right support and relief, your body relaxes better, and you fall into that important deep sleep more easily.

The unique shape of the Deep Sleep pillow means that your head lies lifted and comfortably enveloped in a soft mattress all night long.

The Deep Sleep pillow also ensures you breathe more freely and gives you the feeling of being recharged when you wake up.

The pillow has been created to be used intuitively in countless ways, and regardless of how, you will be supported correctly and carried softly and comfortably throughout the night.

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For any sleeping position

The Deep Sleep pillow supports and relieves your neck and shoulders so that you can more easily relax and fall into that important deep sleep.

The arms of the pillow behind you

The head pillow can turn both ways, depending on your needs. The back-facing arm of the pillow gives you firm pressure against your upper back, like a soothing hand.

The arms of the pillow in front of you

Let the Deep Sleep Head Pillow relieve the weight from your arms and shoulder joints. If you turn the pillow with its arms forward, it feels like a gentle pressure on your heart area.

Use the pillow for relaxation

Use the Deep Sleep pillow for the little sitting break. Experience optimal support, even in a seated resting position.

Better breathing

Because you lie on top of the pillow, your breathing becomes more free and effortless. The pillow invites you to lie on your side, which has the advantage of reducing snoring.

Pillows for the whole body

Combine Deep Sleep Head Pillow and Deep Sleep Body Pillow for optimal support of the whole body. You can thereby give yourself 100% to rest and sleep.

How to choose your pillow

The Deep Sleep pillow comes in three firmnesses: soft, medium and firm.

If you sleep on your back, you should basically choose a soft or medium pillow so that the neck is supported and maintains a natural position.

If you sleep on your side, you should choose the firm pillow, as it contains more filling and is higher, so it supports your head optimally.