Create magical moments and deep sleep for the little ones, so they can wake up fresh and full of joy and energy.

Find our selection of delicious bedding, soft pillows and soothing blankets for children of all ages - all in 100% organic cotton.

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And Now You Sleep, was created to inspire you to prioritize better sleep, more rest and general well-being in your life.

You will find functional and beautiful products that have been created to relieve insomnia, stress and anxiety.

Marianne Dulong
Co-founder of And Now You Sleep



The Deep Sleep pillow has changed my life. I have slept a whole night without waking up and changing position all the time. I am so happy with it!

— Anders Krogh


The Deep Rest weighted duvet makes a huge difference for my daughters when they need to find peace after a long day. They fall asleep much faster.

—Louise Marhauer