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Deep Rest Weighted Duvet Junior

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Suitable for both children and adults

Relieves insomnia, improves sleep quality and increases the feeling of security

Deep pressure stimulation calms the nervous system and reduces anxiety and stress in the body

Use the blanket as part of the sleep ritual, for a power nap or for children who need to find peace

100% organic cotton and anti-allergenic glass beads

Vegan, hypoallergenic and temperature regulating

See the guide with illustrations and get the best out of your weighted blanket .

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Weight: 3.5 kg
More than 1/3 of Danes experience challenges sleeping. Calming down and sleeping through the night can, among other things, is due to thoughts, general restlessness in the body, anxiety, stress or other things that make it difficult for the body to relax. Children can also have difficulty settling down, either when they come home after a long day or when they need to sleep. The function of the gravity blanket is to create pressure on the body, which is called DPS (Deep pressure stimulation). The pressure and weight against the body has a documented effect and has been used for many years as a treatment for stress, anxiety and restlessness. Gravity blanket pressure activates the hormonal balance. In part, the production of the happiness hormone (serotonin) and of the sleep hormone (melatonin) is increased and the production of the stress hormone (cortisol) is reduced. The hormonal influence makes you calm down, feel safe and thus get a much better and deeper sleep - and wake up with much more energy and energy. The gravity blanket can be used by both children and adults. For many children, 15-20 minutes on the sofa with the weighted blanket will provide a nice calmness and security in the body. The blanket can also give both children and adults peace of mind by placing it over the legs. Regardless of how the blanket is used, it gives the feeling of one long hug. The Deep Sleep blanket can be used both alone or on top of a regular duvet. The weighted blanket is not particularly warm, so during cool nights, it can make sense to use both the weighted blanket and an ordinary baby duvet. The weighted blanket can be used both with and without bedding. The beautiful print was created in a collaboration between the Danish artist Mette Hannemann and And Now You Sleep and has been important to us, as we want to create an aesthetic framework in your bedroom and your home in general.
3.5 kg 100 X 140 cm
100% organic cotton produced without the use of pesticides or artificial fertilizers, and with a limited and recycled water consumption. The weight comes from anti-allergenic glass beads.
Washing Instructions
The weighted duvet can be cleaned and washed at 30 degrees gentle wash. Make sure that there are no holes in the cover so that the glass balls can fall out. To be safe, you can put the weighted duvet in a closed duvet cover before washing. Also pay attention to whether your washing machine can handle the weight of the duvet. Your duvet should always be dried lying down, preferably over an ironing board. It must not be put in the tumble dryer. The weighted duvet must not be ironed.
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Weight: 3.5 kg

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