Deep Sleep Head Pillow

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The patented Deep Sleep Head Pillow supports and relieves your neck and shoulders, helping your spine to a neutral position.

With the right support and relief, your body relaxes better and you fall more easily into the important deep sleep.

The unique shape of the Deep Sleep Head Pillow means that your head is lifted and comfortably enveloped in a soft bed all night.

Deep Sleep Head Pillow also ensures you breathe more freely and gives you the feeling of being recharged when you wake up.

Deep Sleep Head Pillow fits all sleeping positions; on the side, on the back, and on the stomach. When you lie on your side, the arms of the pillow give you a light pressure, which feels like a hand holding you, on your back or on your chest, depending on which way you choose to turn the pillow.

The pillow is created intuitively uses and countless ways, and regardless of how, you will be supported correctly and carried softly and comfortably throughout the night.

Guide for using Deep Sleep Head Pillow.

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Firmness: Hard
Color: Quiet Meadow
Choose between three different levels of hardness on the pillow: Soft is soft and flat and provides light support. Medium provides distinct support, the most common pillow. Hard provides a lot of support with more volume and harder padding. Choose between the three beautiful colors and the Quiet Meadow print, which was created in collaboration with the Danish artist Mette Hannemann.
Irregular shape 60 x 40
100% organic cotton is produced without the use of pesticides or artificial fertilizers. With limited and recycled water consumption. The filling is recycled fiber filling, which resembles goose down. Vegan, allergy-friendly, and temperature-regulating.
Washing Instructions
It is recommended to wash the pillow at a maximum of 60º. The pillow can be tumble-dried or dried by lying flat on a drying rack. Be sure to shake and knead the pillow back into shape when dry. Cleaning is of course also an option. The pillow cover can be ironed at a low temperature.
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Firmness: Hard
Color: Quiet Meadow

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