Prioritize good sleep habits

Get inspired to try out new evening rituals to prioritize sleep.

Implement the changes gradually and feel the effect of the deeper and better sleep that the good habits contribute to.

Swaddling for all ages

Keep a roughly fixed circadian rhythm by going to bed at the same time in the evening and getting up at the same time every morning on weekends and holidays.

The fixed bedtimes make it easier to fall asleep in the evening and provide a deeper sleep.

Calmness, cleanliness, and regularity are not just for babies and children.

It is easy to make good rituals for the children before bed, for example, a warm bath, no TV, a quiet bedtime story, or a song.

It can be more difficult to remember those good sleep rituals are also beneficial for adults.

Try the following rituals for better sleep:

- Light a bay leaf or incense stick on fire. It gives a particularly soothing scent in the bedroom.

- Put the phone away, preferably in a box, so the light does not disturb you.

- Moisturize hands, feet, or the whole body in a calming lotion before bed.

- Go for a walk and find, for example, a beautiful stone and use your senses to observe the stone, notice its size and shape.

Create new evening rituals

Introduce some evening rituals that prepare the body and mind for rest by creating a stress-free environment.

The evening ritual begins earlier in the day by limiting caffeine intake from 14 PM.

Plan the run or visit to the gym for the afternoon instead of the evening.

Turn off screens the last hour before bed.

Instead, try a good book, relaxation, meditation, or breathing exercises.

Make your bedroom a comfortable space that invites calm and relaxation.

Ventilate well and make sure the bedroom is cool and tidy.

Invest in a comfortable bed, soft bed linen, and pillows that support the body.

Keep your feet warm with soft socks or a foot bath.

Drink a cup of herbal tea or warm milk.

Calm the mind with aromatherapy, breathing exercises, meditation under a weighted blanket, and keeping a gratitude journal.

Implement the changes gradually so that they become good habits over time.

Best wishes for peace, rest, and good nights of sleep.