And Now You Sleep & Mette Hannemann

A unique collaboration providing better sleep

Artist and owner of Gallery HannemannLund in Frederiksberg, Mette Hannemann has created beautiful prints for the Sleep Universe's products in collaboration with And Now You Sleep.

“It is a wonderful collaboration. To create a unique painting that can be reproduced, used repeatedly, and enjoyed by many people. It is a great satisfaction for me as an artist," says Mette Hannemann about the collaboration.

Bed Linen that contributes to harmony and balance

Mette explains that through the watercolor-type gouache, a diffuse world emerges between the dense and completely transparent brushstrokes. The motifs come to life and take on an organic expression.

The art for the bed linen is created with long strokes and gliding movements that can resemble a breath, it gives the motifs a calm and lively vibration.

“I am concerned with the universe being calm and diffuse - sometimes there is a figuration, another moment none. You can tune in on it, according to your needs," explains Mette.

Let your imagination wander

The motifs invite the imagination to unfold and let the mind wander endlessly. The bedding's print has a calm and almost meditative effect on the mind.

You can compose your own little stories, or just let go and sink into a peaceful atmosphere before falling asleep.

"I would like the bed linen with print will make you feel harmony and balance - and a gentle guide in the right direction when you are lying in your bed, trying to fall asleep", concludes Mette Hannemann.

Artist Mette Hannemann

Mette graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Art in 1993 and throughout her career has had a long collaboration with e.g. Royal Copenhagen. In collaboration with Karen Kjeldgaard-Larsen, Mette was the artist behind Mega Rose, an anniversary tribute to the popular Mega Mussel from Royal Copenhagen. 

In the studio on Sankt Knuds Vej in Frederiksberg, Mette works with figurative painting, with nature and flowers. The evocative and vivid visual art is executed in oil on canvas, gouache on paper, and oil and gouache on plywood. 

Check out Mette's works here.